Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bed Bug Video

I like to watch You Tube. Depending on my mood I can watch fascinating videos of any subject, and most recently I found myself watching videos about bed bugs. As a bed bug exterminator I was curious to observe people's bed bug do-it-yourself remedies, some of which offered some decent suggestions of how to rid your home of bed bugs, and others were simply laughable. Since YouTube video content is all user uploaded we have to remember to take some of the information we find with a grain of salt. My goal was to find a video that was accurate and informative, and I did stumble upon a short documentary-style video uploaded by Discovery Networks. Being a fan of The Discovery Channel it caught my interest. They uploaded a video named, "Bed Bugs on the Rise" that I would like to share with you below.

This video is very useful to you for several reasons. It discusses some basic information about bed bugs, and you can actually see what bed bugs look like in action as they crawl around on the Entomologist's hand. (Warning: watching this video may cause you to feel itchy!) Discovery Networks does a great job explaining why the bed bug population is increasing and where bed bugs come from. You will learn about bed bug bites, what bed bug bites look like, and the video offers some good points for preventing bed bugs and bed bug infestations, too. So sit back, enjoy, and watch and learn some key information about bed bugs in a short two and a half minute video.

-Steve Spinelli
AKA "Bed Bug Exterminator"

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